Painting Services Singapore – How to Choose the Best Painters in Singapore

Painting Services Singapore – How to Choose the Best Painters in Singapore

Your time is valuable. Use the Professional Painters in Singapore for your next project.

Take out the unnecessary stress from your life. Why spend countless hours making sure you have the right equipments for painting and more time ensuring you will do a good job in painting when you can get a painting contractor in Singapore to get the job done for you? Besides, you probably lack the experience in painting the walls right to begin with.

Use our tips below for selecting the right painting services in Singapore.

Check with your friends for referrals

The best way is definitely through word-of-mouth referrals, and it is not hard to see why. Often times, people engage cheap painting services in Singapore for their first home. 72% of these home owners regret the decision 2 months after the completion. It is often due to paint cracks or lining done poorly which may require time to surface or a thorough check not done after the completion of the project.

Common complains includes staining the furniture with paint, irregular painting coats, etc. Contractors usually disregards the complaints as they will not want to fork out more time to ensure customer satisfaction at the end of the project. Such contractors usually find their businesses on forums and they enjoy a high turnover rate of clients, which is good for business but bad for customers. After sales services is impossible for these unprofessional contractors.

Get estimates from Painting Services, Singapore

When receiving estimates from contractors, if you notice a stark difference between contractors, always check to find out which corners have been cut out. Sales tactics includes quoting for minimal service(ie. wall painting ONLY) at attractive prices. When you paid the upfront deposit, contractors will surprise you with hidden costs that actually could have been highlighted before you paid the deposit. Contractors often hide costs associated with non-wall paintings(ie. Door, pipes, etc). These hidden cost amount to about 50% more of the initial quotation. But hey, you have paid the upfront deposit. Backing out at this point will get your upfront deposit forfeited. Do your necessary homework. As the saying goes, “If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is“.

Be Specific about your Project

It is always recommended to get your contractor on site, and brief the painting service provider about your project. Be down to the detail regarding which paint is going on which wall, which paint colours and finishes you want. If the painting services provider gave you a verbal quote before viewing your property, he probably has a standard “3 colours, ceiling white” package. Be aware that some of these contractors might not be using base coats to save costs and time.

After the on site view, the contractor will have a calculated cost in mind and a mark up for profitability. They are running a business, afterall. This price will be a fair quotation as your expectation of the painting project is now aligned with your contractor’s services. Now is the best time to select your painting services provider.

For Condo Painting Services, do check with your guards if necessary clearance are required for painting services in your condominium.

For HDB Painting Services, it is not required for any clearance.

Don’t ask for recommendations at your local paint store

Why go through a third party, whose primary objective is to engage the cheapest and probably worst contractor you will ever encounter so you will go back to buy more paint? Unless, they have a contractor business set up with ACRA. These painting stores would love to have repeat business, at your expenses.

Besides, if you look for painting services in Singapore, it only makes sense to engage those with an actual paint store. They get their products at distributor prices. So it naturally makes sense if they are able to keep their costs low and channel the savings to you while able to ensure profitability on their end.

Cheap paints, or worst still, water downed good paints

Cheap painters are able to keep their costs low by using cheap paints. Bad news is, as a consumer, there is no way you can check if the paint is pre-mixed with cheaper paints. Imagine a $150 price difference for using cheap paint mixed with actual good paints for your project, while the quotation to you is based on good paints. How well it will last in your home is significant here, and the difference in quality is huge. Expect contractors without a standing in the business to practice this. Worst still, contractors using watered down paints.

Explicitly specify your choice of paint to your contractors. It is not sufficient for them to just specify the paint manufacturer. Ensure the paint came in perfect conditions. It is acceptable that the painting contractor use left over base coat from previous project.

Painting Services Singapore – Who do we recommend?

Painting services in Singapore

Painting Services Singapore


For Painting Services in Singapore, we recommend HK Painting Services Singapore. Their professionalism is top-notch and they run a paint store. Before they have a painting store in Singapore, they run painting services. Due to the good word-of-mouth referrals they enjoy, they opened a paint store to obtain equipments and paints at distributor prices, while also sell to those who DIY.